The P.E.O. Creed

Take a moment to read our p.e.o. creed, which was set down by Effie Hoffman Rogers in the late 1890's

I believe in P.E.O. and in all that it stands for, not alone in fact, but in act.
I believe in my sisters, in the honesty of their intentions, in the purity of their motives, in the integrity of their character, and in the loyalty of their friendship.
I believe in the sweetness and helpfulness of friendship, and in the joy of serving others.
I believe in the virtues of Faith, Love, Purity, Justice and Truth, and in the hope that lures us on.
I believe that life does not consist in the abundance of the material things we possess, but in the abundance of things we are and do.
I believe that it is within our power as P.E.O.’s to help each other; that the rough places may be smooth and the crooked places straight, the burden less heavy and life a continual joy and blessing, ever increasing, growing richer and richer.
I believe in the present of our Sisterhood with its opportunities, in the future with its obligations, in the divine joy of living here and hereafter, in the enlarged and ever enlarging sphere of usefulness that is opening up before each of us.